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Cows at CodCon
PSS420 Words of the Ancients (7-11)
By John Compton APL 7-11
After countless divinations and the efforts of undercover agents throughout Varisia, the Pathfinder Society has discovered the location of the last component needed to awaken a sleeping runelord. In a mad dash to beat the cult of Lissala to this ancient Thassilonian ruin, the Pathfinders must do whatever it takes to ensure they and not the evil cultists acquire the power within. But the arcane components are not unguarded, and even after 10,000 years, the cost of ensuring the safety of the region could be higher than the veteran adventurers are prepared or willing to pay.

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 Michael MaenzaCray-ZRenown goblin orator who runs an orphanage on the side.10
 Heather MaenzaSlinky CherrybombSmartest goblin alchemist in the world and director of Child Activity Monetization for the Cray-Z Little Hands Children's Orphanage.12
 Sebastian WeberSelvrickhorribly scarred dwarf martial artist12
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