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Cows at CodCon
PSS426 The Waking Rune (7-11)
By Tim Hitchcock APL 7-11
After a year of searching and risking life and limb, the agents of the Pathfinder Society have discovered the resting place of the Runelord of Sloth, who has been sequestered from the world at large for 10,000 years awaiting the proper time for his return. Thanks to the efforts of the sinister cult of Lissala, that time is now. In a desperate attempt to defeat this ancient evil once and for all, the Decemvirate sends its best agents, armed with relics found throughout ancient Thassilon, to foil the cult's last-ditch efforts to usher in a new era of tyranny and strife. Will the party succeed in preventing Krune's return to Golarion, or will the Pathfinder Society serve simply as a speed-bump in the runelord's path to domination over the entire region?

 Christopher Allen
 Michael MaenzaCray-ZRenown goblin orator who runs an orphanage on the side.10
 Heather MaenzaSlinky CherrybombSmartest goblin alchemist in the world and director of Child Activity Monetization for the Cray-Z Little Hands Children's Orphanage.12
 Sebastian WeberSelvrickhorribly scarred dwarf martial artist12
 Thomas BohlaIronBellyFighter - Dwarf12
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