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Cows at CodCon
PSS48 CORE The Devil We Know—Part IV: Rules of the Swift (1-7)
By Larry Wilhelm APL 1-7
In the conclusion of the Devil We Know campaign arc, you are called once more to Cassomir, where a mass abduction of the residents of Swift Prison has the entire town in a panic. Venture-Captain Hestia Themis once more partners you with an Aspis agent to see what link the Swift Prison event has to the earlier kidnapping of a Pathfinder agent. You will explore an empty prison, delve the tunnels below, and come face-to-face with the source of Cassomir's troubles in a vile grotto deep beneath the city. Rules of the Swift is the fourth and final installment of the Devil We Know campaign arc. This event uses the PFS CORE campaign rules!

 Guy Martelle
 Will MullenFlexibleAny 1-50
 Joan PalfiFlexible 1-5Flexible 1-50
 Christopher RiffNone Selected0
 Vic PolitesNone Selected0
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