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Cows at CodCon
DDEX2-4 Mayhem in the Earthspur Mines (5-10)
By Will Doyle APL 5-10
Riddled with veins of precious ore and gem, the Earthspur Mountains to the west have long been a valuable resource for anyone able to mine them. One such mine has gone silent and the only thing more concerning than its long overdue shipment is the fate of the members of the Soldiery sent to discover what has happened to the mine’s workers. Though the mine lay in a region of the Mountains once claimed by a clan of reclusive dwarves, the Ludwakazar clan wouldn’t be so bold as to violate their long-standing peace with Mulmaster. Or would they?

 David N Krolnik
 James Wesley
 Peter KostSir Justin DenardPalidin (healer)19
 Donald Clark None Selected0
 Sanjay Sebastian5th Krusk StormfuryBarb1 / Fighter 45
 Lary WesleyTBDTBD0
 Christine DziadoszAmber IronfistDwarven Fighter20
 Atis KleinbergsNone Selected0
 Glenn HarrisNone Selected0
 Alex MatisNiwdleWizard7
 Timothy McNeilLady Candida "Scarlet" RoseHoly Trickster -- Talkative "expert". Perceptobot (PP 36)17
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