Cows at CodCon
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Cows at CodCon
Slot 3

DDEX2-3 The Drowned Tower (5-10)
 David N Krolnik
 Greg Marks
 Timothy McNeilLady Candida "Scarlet" RoseHoly Trickster -- Talkative "expert". Perceptobot (PP 36)17
 Peter KostSir Justin DenardPalidin (healer)19
 Donald Clark None Selected0
 Sanjay Sebastian5th Krusk StormfuryBarb1 / Fighter 45
 Lary WesleyTBDTBD0
 Christine DziadoszAmber IronfistDwarven Fighter20
 Atis KleinbergsNone Selected0
 Glenn HarrisNone Selected0
 Alex MatisNiwdleWizard7
 James WesleyShardonArtifacer Leader 16
 Chuck OcenasekMathias ColtPaladin1

DDEX1-6 The Scroll Thief (1-4)
 No Judges Registered
 Geri CochraneEmberwingMonk7
 Guy MartelleDuredhelWood Elf Rogue/Ranger14
 David CrudupEmberwingMonk7

PSS33 CORE Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible (1-5)
 Daniel Ziermann
 Will MullenFlexibleAny 1-50
 Joan PalfiFlexible 1-5Flexible 1-50
 Casey MatthewsNone Selected0
 Howard BlackTBDTBD0
 Richard GilbertNone Selected0
 Christina KostockSofieSorceress2

PSS614 Scions of the Sky Key, Part 2: Kaava Quarry (1-5)
 Garrett Gottschalk
 Jack Scheirer
 Christopher Allen
 Sammy TamimiMartellaReach Paladin4
 Robert ChurchwellBerkeley HuntHunter 3
 Rob JelinskiSanLucqBloodrager11
 Chris RathundeNone Selected0
 Michael MaenzaMurmaIf loving Murma is don't want to be right. Just kidding, you will hate adventuring with him. For realz.4
 Heather MaenzaCalliopeA nimble and lighthearted swashbuckler who craves the blood shed and death that come from battle. Also likes flowers.3
 Sebastian WeberBy-TorBy-Tor and his animal companion, Fat Kitty, search out adventure irresponsibly and with a willing disregard for common sense or decency.4
 Steve MulhernCronweirOracle (Healing)2
 Chandler BruozisKaedenRanger1

PFS The Silverhex Chronicles (1)
 No Judges Registered
 No Players Registered

PSS611 The Slave Master's Mirror (3-7)
 Michael Lane
 Charles Geyer
 Chris LaneNone Selected0
 Christopher RiffNone Selected0
 Stan HowellNone Selected0
 Sally JonesNone Selected0
 Sandy PalmerTBDTBD0
 Jason CashNone Selected0
 Jim PageWei JiSlayer 2/Cleric 13
 Mike MisteleKazumiBard5
 Vic PolitesVietorPaladin5
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